That one time we went to #Narnia together @mcwilly #waylatergram #circa2011 #mcw #forever  (Taken with Instagram)

That one time we went to #Narnia together @mcwilly #waylatergram #circa2011 #mcw #forever (Taken with Instagram)

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There is nothing more attractive than a dude who builds shit. It makes people seem so capable. Like make me a desk with your hands and solve all my problems please. 

Hi Matthew
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Before Matthew,

The world “architect” didn’t mean much to me

Now whenever I hear it, I get goosebumps. I get excited and nervous.

Before, it was this elite thing that I knew nothing about and never imagined to be a part of.

Now, I feel special. Because of Matthew. He makes me feel special.

My boyfriend, architect.


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I’m patient to marry you because i love you. Good things take time to build foundations and we’ve done so well with that. Thank you for being patient for me. It lets me know that you really want to be with me. I hope you slept well and that your day is good. I pray God takes your hand and shows you how all the uncertainties of life are not to worry about. He made you to trust him. He made me to love you. And so how could i ever stop? I want to work harder at being the best guy i can for you in the future because i feel that God has big plans for us. I miss you.
MCW, the sweetest
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You guys,

Emily Sawyer is my best friend

And Matthew Wilson is my boyfriend.

I’m literally the awesomest and luckiest girl in the whole univsphere.

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Defeating insecurity: "And don't you forget it!"
  • MCW:
    Do you want me to compare you to all the other girls?
  • Me:
  • MCW:
    Well, you win.
  • Me:
  • MCW:
    I just happen to adore you.
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I like us

I like us

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The sun just went down,

I am half sitting half laying in my bed trying to breath out of the one nostril that isn’t clogged. There’s a boy next to me. His eyes are closed. He breathes softly. He shares the same sickness I do, that blasted cold. My eyes are open reading words on my phone. He pulls me closer, his eyes are still closed. I feel so loved by him in that moment. We aren’t speaking, we aren’t playing, we aren’t dancing or singing. We are both sick. Silent, in our own dream lands, and he pulls me closer to his. His arm is around me as I type. Ever so often, he rubs my shoulder or squeezes my arm, just to remind me I’m on his mind. I feel so loved by him in these moments. A week ago, he gave me a mix CD. It was completely full of love songs. I knew he heart-picked each song as if he was singing to me. I realized that I’ve never gotten a mix cd of love songs before, heart-picked for me. I feel so loved when I listen to these songs: “I feel so close to you right now.” “no one loves you like I love you” “you’ve got a sweet heart, sweetheart” “I could hold you in my arms, I could hold you forever” “she’s no you, oh no, you give me more than I could ever want” and so on. I looked him in the eyes today and said “I’m so in love with you.” Then I caught myself. I repeated “I’m in love with somebody! And he is sitting right next to me!” I felt as if the girl I am so used to being, sad and alone and hopeless finally caught up to who she is right now, happy and content and so excited for her life. I am in love with this boy. He loves me so truly, so purely, so well. We are completely comfortable laying next to each other, sick as dogs, in silence, with subtle glances and smiles and arm squeezes, knowing there’s no where else we would rather be.

And for the first time ever, I feel like the main character in a Sarah Dessen or Nicolas Sparks novel. The girl that gets the boy, so happy in love. That is me, right now. I’m living out my lifelong daydream.

"Everyone I know must be jealous, cause they don’t have a love such as I."

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